Operated by Totalizator Sportowy, which has been running lottery games since being granted by a license back in January 25, 1956, the Poland
4D is one of the country’s most enduring lottery game. Introduced way back in 1957, it was originally known as Poto 4D. For the next 16 years, it
became the de facto lottery game in Poland.

In 1975, it changed its name to Duzy 4D and it remained that way for a while, until it changed its name to 4D Polska - or Poland 4D -
on October 9, 2009. Today, Poland 4D is one of the most popular games in Poland.

Poland 4D is easy to pick up and learn as it utilizes the commonly used 4/10 lottery matrix.

Like a lot of lotteries in the industry, Poland 4D jackpots grow in the event that no one wins the jackpot.

Unlike some lotteries, Poland 4D’s rollovers don’t have caps. In other words, jackpots can simply grow until someone wins.

Draws are held seven times a week, everyday including holidays.

Poland Lotto offers four prize tiers—where the lowest tier can be won by only matching 3 numbers.
Payouts are in Cash: All Poland Lotto prizes are paid out in lump sum.